10 things you need to know about the new Nissan X-Terra

The 2021 Nissan X-Terra is on the streets making a bold statement.

With an incredible balance between luxury and utility, this is a car that you can pull up in front of your favorite restaurant and explore the desert dunes on the same day.

Whether used by an explorer or a family, the X-Terra has so much to offer on multiple levels.

Here are 10 things we noticed …

1. The appearance – The exterior of the X-Terra has been redefined for 2021. Slim lines and a modern look make this robust, adaptive vehicle a vehicle for all occasions.

2. The interior – The first-class feeling of the interior of the X-Terra in connection with the clever use of space ensures that you get the best out of the interior of the X-Terra

3rd place for the whole family – With a comfortable configuration with seven seats, the X-Terra offers space for most clans – and everyone sits with the greatest possible comfort.

4. Performance – The stylish but sturdy X-Terra will get you through the toughest of terrain – with a 2.5 liter 165 horsepower engine and seven-speed four-wheel drive transmission, this is a vehicle that was built to go anywhere

5. Security – Whether by structure or technology, when you take the most valuable cargo on board, you are in good hands. The intelligent emergency braking, the all-round view monitor and the lane departure warnings are particularly impressive.


6. Top in a difficult situation – If you venture off-road, the clearance and suspension will certainly help – however, the assisted hill start and decent control of the hill really helps the inexperienced rider

7. Amazing audio – Let the strategically placed eight Bose speakers fill your ears with sharp sounds. Whether it’s your calls, music, or a podcast, they will never have sounded better.


8. Vibrant visuals – Are you afraid that your younger passengers will be bored on a trip? Fear not, thanks to the 11-inch fold-down entertainment system that will keep those behind even the longest of trips under their spell.

Nissan 4

9. One port for everyone – In today’s connected world, even Bluetooth is no longer enough. Let all your devices run in the X-Terra with USB-C and USB-A on board

10. fun – This is a car to live in. Get the family or friends, charge up and go and make some memories.

Learn more about the Sport360 application

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