18 Secrets About Clarissa Explained All Revealed

7. Kriegman wanted Clarissa to have a pet off the wall and came up with the idea for Elvis the alligator from an ex-girlfriend who had a paddling pool in her off-campus apartment that had tadpoles, turtles and all sorts of things in it ” he said to Mental Floss. “It was brilliant – it also had a miniature alpine gondola hanging over it. And I said, ‘Wow, that’s just so weird.’ And that’s where the idea for Elvis came from. “

8. In the pilot, a different actor previously played the role of Sam, Clarissa’s best friend Sam O’Neal took over the role.

“I was there for a few minutes, maybe reading a scene, and then Mitchell asked me to leave the room,” O’Neal recalled his audition in Picked up!. “Before I got out though, he asked me to mess my hair up. I was a sucker when I was in school and a bit of a class clown, so I kept rubbing my heavy cowlicks, which made me feel like I was leaving the room messing up my hair, I came back and Mitchell said, ‘Yeah, you got the job.’ “

9. In his conversation with Mental Floss, Kriegman gave a very simple explanation as to why Sam always entered Clarissa’s room through a ladder in her window.

“Do you really want him to ring the doorbell and say, ‘Hello Mrs. Darling, OK, if I visit Clarissa?'” He pondered. “It’s just very slow to do … It’s never commented on, and he just does it any time of the day or night. I really wanted to do something unique. It was a first point for a kids view.”

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