2021 Celebrity Tarotscopes: Psychic Predicts What Stars Will Be Coming

Angie’s prediction for Ariana Grande: Can’t stop won’t stop Even though Ariana Grande Angie just released a new album in October and anticipated more creativity for the hit maker. “Well, I get some kind of creative collaboration for her,” explained the celebrity mystic. “Someone’s coming next year.”

Angie’s prediction for Selena Gomez: What’s next? Selena Gomez? Well, from what Angie told us, Selena is ready for the next phase of her career, but it’s not about music or acting. In fact, the “rare” singer wants to be a “leader”.

She added, “I see this more as speaking or charity work.”

Angie’s prediction for Mindy Kaling: Love on the horizon According to Angie Mindy Kaling is “ready to settle down” but not rushing into anything.

Angie commented, “It feels like there’s someone she wants to be in a relationship with and she’s waiting to see if it will work out.”

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