Abu Dhabi T10 League: Dwayne Bravo is pleased to work with coach Andy Flower again

West Indian all-rounder Dwayne Bravo was one of the standout players in the previous edition of Abu Dhabi T10 as he led his former team Maratha Arabians to their first-ever title after defeating Deccan Gladiators in the final.

The extravagant cricketer has now changed sides for the coming season from Abu Dhabi T10 and was once again supported by coach Andy Flower, who also moved from the Arabs to the Delhi Bulls.

Ahead of the new season, which will take place in the United Arab Emirates from January 28 to February 6, 2021, Bravo was delighted to play for the Delhi Bulls.

“Of course Abu Dhabi T10 is an exciting tournament and we are looking forward to it as players. It’s a competition with a new team for me in Delhi Bulls. I have to be very honest that it’s really hard to win a tournament. What will work for us is the fact that both the trainer (Andy Flower) and I will be on the same page. We remember what we did during our time at Maratha Arabians – the format, the structure, and how we can get our players to believe in our process. I think the same effort, energy and planning will go into this campaign, ”said the Trinidadian.

“I think we will put our plans together with the help of the coach and get the rest of the guys to buy into our concept and hopefully crack it. I’m excited about the new team, I’m happy and as I can see with my team – like Lewis, Nabi, Rutherford – they are all talented players and I look forward to playing with them, ”added the former skipper of the West Indies.

Bravo only had words of thanks for the latest cricket avatar: “T10 is an exciting tournament and competition like T20 started a few years ago – being the hottest on the market and attracting so many people around the world – I think T10 can definitely do something similar.

“I think it can also help players grow their careers and as a bowler I use it as an opportunity to challenge myself because it’s not a bowler friendly tournament and you play against the best players in the world. So I use it as an opportunity to work on my skills and challenges and see how I can still compete at the highest level. “

Bravo is currently training at home in Trinidad and Tobago and also commented on the importance of the field game in a format like T10. “I think fielding is very important. As I always tell people, every run you save in the field is one less run to do. It is therefore very important as a group to place a suitable field unit in the park. “

“It helps the bowlers when you have great outfielders, and it helps the captain too. It strengthens the overall team spirit and helps you win games, ”added the 37-year-old.

With his Delhi Bulls team in Group A alongside the Maratha Arabians, Bangla Tigers and Northern Warriors, Bravo is also looking forward to playing against his best friends.

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing against my teammates like Pollard, Chris Gayle, Russell and Nicholas Pooran. We all have our individual rivalries with one another and it is about gaining boastful rights. It’s good that a tournament like this can bring us all together and make us compete against each other. “

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