Adidas reveals Predator Freak – with the new development from Demonskin

adidas unveiled Predator Freak, which is designed to transform the athlete’s game and provide improved control of the ball.

The updated design continues the evolution of Predator, offering expanded Demonskin spike coverage and an improved fit designed to help athletes become the best version of themselves on the field.

Predator Freak offers 360 ° coverage of the adidas Demonskin technology. The performance innovation was first introduced last season and is based on a layer of rubber tips that have been calibrated using a computer algorithm and are arranged in a formation that aligns with key points of contact with the ball. Based on direct feedback from the elite players, the adidas product development team has now expanded this coverage of spikes for the 2021 design and specifically positioned it to allow for superior control and greater ball evasion.

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba commented; “From the first time I wore it, I knew that adidas had created something special with its Demonskin material. As soon as I touched the ball I really felt a difference in the way my foot was connected. I’m glad my previous experience with it has influenced the new Predator design. “

England international Toni Duggan said; “Predator was the perfect shoe for me and after testing the updated shoe in training I can already see that the new model will help improve my control of the ball this season.”

The new Predator Freak continues the ambition to unleash the athlete’s natural abilities and also includes a transformed silhouette. the result of the new split collar design. This allows the foot a greater range of motion and an improved adaptability to feet of different shapes. A clean cut, lace-free Primeknit collar and a two-piece sock construction, which are also part of the redesigned upper, allow an effortless instep for easier entry into the boot and a complete fit around the metatarsus and ankle, as well as a smooth surface for further ball control. Further performance-enhancing design updates can be seen in the further developed ControlFrame, a lightweight outsole that is supplemented with traction bolts for optimal traction and control and at the same time stabilizes the wearer’s step to enable full movement power.

Predator Freak has also received a punchy aesthetic update. The dramatic look refers to notable historical designs like the Predator Accelerator from 1998 and the Predator Precision from 2000 and shows the iconic three stripes that wrap from the lateral to the medial side and around the bottom of the shoe. Bright yellow demon skin spikes pop against a light blue color to round off the eye-catching look.

The Predator Freak range also includes shin guards and goalkeeper gloves with Demonskin technology that provide the same feeling of grip and control across all positions on the field.

Synonymous with some of the game’s biggest names since 1994, adidas Predator has become firmly embedded in football culture. Predator Freak continues this tradition and is worn by players like Paul Pogba, Toni Duggan, Marc-Andre Ter Stegan, David Alaba and Abby Dahlkemper. adidas Predator Freak (MSRP € 280) is available today worldwide through and select retailers.

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