All the real couples we just love to see on screen together

It wasn’t the easiest year – are we going to win a 2020 understatement award? and 2021? – and at times when everyday life was a little busy, you just did it got To have proof that everything will be fine.

Of course, nothing like this is guaranteed, but there are certain people you can see, in movies or on TV, who are clinically proven to help you believe in all the good things again. You know, things like love, devotion, soul mates – the whole romantic ball of wax.

For example, there was a reason viewers were cheering on Netflix The Christmas Chronicles 2 in November – and not only because the Christmas season was officially in full swing. More like it was because Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn play Santa and Mrs. Claus!

The 37-year-old partners met on the set of 1984 Swing shiftand played in rom-com in 1988 Over board, but that was the first time the two really acted together since then. (Hawn as Santa’s wife was featured in a surprise cameo at the end of 2018 The Christmas Chronicles, but that was just a small gift to add to the holiday cheer.)

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