Amanda Knox slams decision to allow Meredith Kercher’s killer to leave prison 12 years after he was put behind bars

Amanda Knox has slammed an early release of the man convicted in the killing of Meredith Kercher, her British roommate in Italy 13-years-ago, saying that she wishes “he had been fully held accountable for what he did.”

Ms Knox, who spent four years in an Italian prison in the case of Kercher’s death before getting acquitted in 2015, said she was dismayed at the release of Rudy Guede, who was sentenced to 30 years of jail for killing the British exchange student in November 2007.

“I do know that many, many, many people have suffered a great deal because of what he did and I continue to this day to be shocked that he is the forgotten killer,” Ms Knox told ABC News.

“I continue to this day to be shocked that he is the forgotten killer. The one who was quietly tucked away, convicted of a lesser crime, and does not have to live with the burden of forever being associated with Meredith’s death.”

The 33-year-old was serving his jail term for murder after being convicted in 2008. He was 20 at the time when Kercher was found sexually assaulted and stabbed in her room in Perugia, Italy. His DNA was found at the scene.

Guede’s sentence was later reduced to 16 years and further changed to partial prison so he could attend school and get a master’s degree. He also started working at a criminology centre.

On Friday, the Italian court granted him permission to serve the rest of his term, which was supposed to end in March 2022, through community service.

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Kercher’s case and the arrest of Ms Knox had drawn huge media attention. Ms Knox is now an advocate and fights for the rights of wrongly convicted.

Born in the Ivory Coast and raised in Italy, Guede was the only person who still serves a sentence in the high profile case that saw several arrests, though Italy’s top appeals court stated in 2014 that he did not act alone.

However, Guede continues to deny the charges of murdering Kercher.

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