Amazon employees are demanding that the company drop Parler after the Capitol uprising

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, pictured on September 13, 2018.

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A group of Amazon employees are calling on the company to stop providing cloud services to Parler, a social media app popular with Trump supporters.

In a tweet on Saturday, the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice agency said Amazon Web Services should “withhold parler services until violent posts are removed, including at the presidential inauguration.” AWS offers Parler Cloud Services that host its website.

Representatives from Amazon and Parler did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Pressure has increased on Amazon to stop hosting Parler on AWS after other tech giants took action against the social media app following the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol earlier this week. Google removed Parler on Friday from its app store for Android users, the Google Play Store. BuzzFeed News reported Friday that Apple threatened to pull Parler out of its app store.

Parler, which launched in 2018, has become a popular platform for President Trump’s allies over the past year by billing itself as freedom of expression on popular social media services like Twitter and Facebook.

Screenshots from the Parler app viewed by CNBC show users posting references to firing squads, as well as calls for guns to be brought in for the presidential inauguration later this month. The AWS Acceptable Use Policy states that customers are prohibited from using their services “for any purpose that is illegal, harmful, fraudulent, malicious, or objectionable.”

Amazon previously cut ties with customers who broke its rules. In 2019, Amazon pulled the plug on a fundraising site used by Gab, a conservative social media site, after violating Amazon’s policy on hateful content.

The AECJ employee group has had some success in making their demands heard. Last April, the group organized an “online strike” to protest the company’s labor practices. Additionally, the group is widely credited with influencing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ decision to announce a comprehensive plan on climate change after the group pushed for change at the company’s 2019 AGM.

– CNBC’s Kif Leswing contributed to this report.

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