AMC’s CEO was caught on camera without pants during a YouTube interview

It appears that AMC’s CEO has lost his pants despite the meteoric rise of the theater company’s meme stock.

When Adam Aron lost control of his webcam during a live YouTube interview, the screen briefly flashes under his light blue shirt and red tie to show either really short shorts or skin-colored pants, or no pants at all.

Mr. Aron retrieved the camera and continued his hour-long interview about the company and, among other things,… nude shorts with Trey Collins from the popular Trey’s Trades YouTube channel on June 3rd. Naked short selling is the illegal practice of shorting stocks that have not been confirmed to exist.

After Mr. Aron was caught apparently with his pants down, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc fell from its high of $ 67.46 on Thursday to $ 48 on Friday, but rebounded slightly to trade around $ 58 on Monday morning.

AMC did not respond The independent one to confirm that the CEO had no clothes.

The company also didn’t respond to attempts to get to the bottom of VICE News’ investor engagement strategy, which was the first to report the missing pants after the Reddit community r / WallStreetBets self-voted the meme stock CEO with 70,000 upvotes made a meme.

The hashtag #ApesDontWearPants “went viral online quickly, along the lines of private AMC investors like Mr. Collins. Mr. Aron’s interview was dubbed the” silver back “by Trey’s Trades.

The Twitter account for the missing pants “AdamAronsPants” was created to stimulate the share and its private investors “Pants optional”.

During the interview itself, Mr Aron was revealed to be pantless while promising investors that the company had no plans to sell any more shares after requesting the sale of $ 11.5 million amid the trade bonanza.

“If I were a shareholder, I would be more concerned that we don’t have stocks because I think stocks are a very powerful tool for doing good for a company. Check out the $ 1.6 billion we brought in AMC between January and May through the use of stocks. That is very good for AMC, that strengthens AMC, that contributes to the fact that our long-term future is very bright, and we don’t have that at the moment … “, said Mr. Aron in front of the cloakroom mistake.

“Um … we don’t have this tool because we’ve used up all but 46,000 approved shares.”

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