An arrest after someone found in the Canal Tunnel

It is believed that the authorities arrested a person who was found in the Channel Tunnel.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said a “criminal case” was due to the discovery of a person in the tunnel.

It is not known how far the person has come before being discovered by the French authorities now dealing with the matter.

A spokesman for the Channel Tunnel operator said: “Eurotunnel can confirm that a person was discovered in the Channel Tunnel.”

They said the person was taken into custody by the French authorities.

The Eurotunnel spokesman added: “As there is currently a criminal case we cannot make any further comments at the moment.”

The intruder was reportedly a man who may have set off last Monday.

The incident occurred shortly after the Eurotunnel closed the tunnel after a “large and coordinated” group stormed the route in Calais.

A man was arrested a few months earlier after being found near the exit in Folkestone, Kent.

Additional coverage by the Press Association

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