AnnaLynne McCord shares the diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder

According to the Amen Clinics website, “the presence of two or more different identities (known as“ splits ”,“ age ”, or“ personality states ”) can also be a common symptom.

“My doctor – it’s obviously a huge spectrum, right – but she said I was pretty serious,” she said. “And my divisions, before my memories came back, I had final divisions. In my story you will see me, you know, I just show up with a black wig and a new personality and I was that tough little bad guy and then I would be me the bohemian flower child. And also as an actress, my ability to separate myself, all my roles were split. ”

McCord said she didn’t realize this until she was working on the 2012 film Excision. “I played a very cerebral, distraught, weird little girl who was very close to who I think I am inside,” she said. “It was very enlightening, very confrontational, probably a little re-traumatizing without realizing it, maybe even a little healing from some of it.”

After you’ve packed the film and then started working 90210 Just hours later, McCord said she “couldn’t find” her character Naomi. “It wasn’t accessible,” she continued. “I was dark, I was like that, I was very deep in that Pauline character.”

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