Announcement awaits in investigation of black man shot dead by FBI Lawyers Democratic MPs

The district attorney, who will decide whether to file criminal charges for the fatal shooting of a black man by North Carolina MPs, will discuss the results of the state investigation into the incidents on Tuesday.

District Attorney Andrew Womble scheduled a press conference at 11 a.m. to discuss what the State Bureau of Investigation found in its investigation into the death of Andrew Brown Jr.

Womble did not respond to an email Monday asking if he would announce a decision to file criminal charges against MPs. Womble has resisted demands from the state’s Democratic governor and Brown’s family to appoint an independent prosecutor. Under state law, Womble would have to agree to step aside.

A spokeswoman for the State Bureau of Investigation did not respond to an email on Monday asking for confirmation that the investigation is complete.

MPs attempting to serve drug-related search and arrest warrants shot Brown outside his Elizabeth City home on April 21. Three MPs involved in the shooting are on vacation while four other people who were at the scene were reinstated after the sheriff announced that they would not fire their guns.

An independent autopsy published by the family found Brown was hit by bullets five times, including one in the back of the head. Brown’s family lawyers, who viewed body camera footage, say Brown was not armed and did not approach or pose a threat to MPs. Womble previously disagreed in court, saying Brown hit MPs twice with his car before shots were fired.

The sheriff said his MPs were not injured.

The shooting sparked protests over several weeks from protesters demanding the release of body camera footage. While authorities were showing footage of Brown’s family, a judge refused to publicly release the video pending a state investigation.

Separately, the FBI has launched a civil rights investigation into the shooting.

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