Another Grey’s Anatomy star leaves the show

Izzie Stevens got cancer, married Alex, survived the cancer, and then disappeared in season six. She eventually returned for a second, admitting that she no longer felt like Seattle was her home. Alex later received divorce papers, and now we know that Izzie secretly had Alex’s twins, lives on a Kansas ranch, and became a surgical oncologist.

Katherine Heigl ‘The exit essentially began in 2008 when she withdrew her name from Emmy because she didn’t feel the material deserved it. In 2010, the character completely disappeared. She has said in the years since that she would like to return to the character, but Shonda Rhimes hasn’t. “I’m done with this story,” she told TVLine in 2015.

Heigl, an aspiring romcom star at the time, starred in a few more romcoms before returning to television Status, then doubtand more recently she has joined Suits and the 2020 series Firefly Lane.

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