Austen Kroll outweighs these romance rumors from Kristin Cavallari

Austen Kroll only lives his best life – whatever that means.

During a virtual appearance on See what happens live to Andy Cohen on December 17th the Southern charm Stern was at the end of the ongoing questions about him and her Kristin Cavallari.

The two reality stars recently raised eyebrows as a result of a flirtatious comment Kroll made on Cavallari’s Instagram post, along with clips of them partying together. When a fan asked him what was going on between them, the TV personality tried to purify the air.

“What’s wrong with you and Kristin Cavallari?” asked the fan. “How did you two become such good friends? Or is there something else going on?”

Kroll explained that she “slipped into” his castmate Craig ConoverThe DMs tell him she’s coming to town and that they’re all going to dinner. “We all got along somehow and wanted to visit her, so we did and honestly we all get along so well,” he said.

As for the new single Cavallari: “Kristin hasn’t been in a 10-year relationship. She’s not looking for anything,” said Kroll. “I’m out of someone who had a child. There’s no reason to jump into something with someone who has three children, I can promise you that.”

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