Beyond Toxic: Former ‘Doctors’ Dr. Rachael Racism Allegations

Racism allegations have rocked “The Doctors.” Insiders and a former host tell Page Six the environment at the syndicated daytime talk show has been so hostile, it makes working at “Ellen” look like a walk in the park.”

“The whole culture is toxic. The executive producer [Patricia Ciano] constantly yells at people. She even cussed me out once. There was also always something about my hair. They were constantly making comments, and harassing me about my hair,” Dr. Rachael Ross, who co-hosted the show for three seasons, told us.

“And diversity on screen was not encouraged unless there was a weight loss story,” she added.

Multiple sources claim she often shot down pitches involving African Americans and would berate producers for pitching non-white experts.

“She’s been blatantly racist with her comments. When producers suggest Black doctors or experts, she says things like, ‘Make sure they can talk.’ And one time, someone suggested a Latino expert, and she said, ‘Make sure, no accents,’” one insider alleged.

Another source, who worked on the show, added that Ciano would have them pad Black doctors’ binders with more research than they would for other guests.

“They were called production bibles. And they always had us add more for the Black doctors and [Ciano] would pre-interview them, but never for the white doctors. It was weird. It was clear she didn’t trust their knowledge and was trying to make sure they knew what they were talking about,” the source said.

Ciano denies all of the allegations made against her.

“I am devastated by these unfounded and shocking allegations. I stand by my character and know the truth, that I have been a champion for diverse talent and inclusive stories throughout my entire career. While it is impossible to prove that I did not do something, I can absolutely say these hurtful lies are not true,” Ciano said.

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