Biden flashed dozen of executive actions immediately after inauguration

President-elect Joe Biden plans to enact major policy reversals and agenda-setting measures within his first ten days in office to undo Donald Trump’s legacy of executive orders.

The new administration has prepared more than a dozen executive measures for Inauguration Day on Wednesday, including lifting the Trump administration’s travel bans from Muslim-majority countries and re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement.

After his swearing-in ceremony, there will also be swift action against the coronavirus pandemic, including a mask mandate for federal goods and interstate travel, as well as expanding efforts to freeze evictions and postpone student loan payments.

On Thursday, the president-elect will sign further measures related to Covid-19 to begin reopening schools and businesses, setting clear federal health guidelines, and expanding access to testing.

In the days that follow, he will announce a program to reunite families separated by federal law enforcement agencies on the U.S.-Mexico border. He will also come up with proposals for criminal justice reform and other measures to combat the climate crisis.

In a statement, the new Chief of Staff Ron Klain said: “These measures will change the course of Covid 19, fight climate change, promote racial justice and support other underserved communities, and rebuild our economy in a way that strengthens the backbone of this country: the working men and women who built our nation ”.

“While the political goals of these executive measures are bold, I want to make it clear that the legal theory behind them is sound and represents the restoration of an appropriate constitutional role for the president,” he said.

In-depth management will announce policy specifications and other actions in the coming days.

Mr Biden announced this week a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package to help boost the economy and provide additional relief to millions of Americans in trouble during the public health crisis. The proposal was immediately supported by the democratic legislators and signaled the urgency to move politics forward.

The Biden agenda is facing “a moment of profound crisis for our nation,” said Klain. “We are facing four overlapping and worsening crises: the Covid 19 crisis, the resulting economic crisis, the climate crisis and a racist stock crisis. All of these crises require urgent action.”

Mr. Biden’s immediate steps will be to “prevent other urgent and irreversible harm and restore America’s place in the world,” said Mr. Klain.

His announcement comes amid the shifting balance of power in Congress, the departure of a twice-indicted Republican president, and the aftermath of a deadly uprising by his supporters in the Capitol.

In a damned remark on Saturday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer stated that “none of the Trump officials who have resigned in recent weeks will save his reputation.”

“They were all part of and made possible the most dysfunctional, corrupt, and destructive administration in history,” he said. “They should all lead shameful lives for what they did to our beloved country.”

His statement follows the resignation of several government officials and employees who resigned after the unrest in the Capitol.

Mr Biden’s legislative flash and an administration staffed with seasoned White House officials anticipate an upcoming congressional dispute and circumvent GOP obstacles in Congress with top-down orders.

After a month-long Republican stalemate, the Senate will ponder the president-elect’s massive stimulus laws to remedy the height of the pandemic, and begin another process of impeaching the president.

Democrats have tried to quickly plan a process to get to work on Mr Biden’s political agenda immediately. Instead, the president will be the first to face impeachment proceedings when not in office.

Ten House Republicans voted for the indictment against the president, and there is growing speculation that several Republican senators will vote for the condemnation, underscoring the GOP divisions in Congress as Republicans isolate themselves from members of the party who support the Attempts by the president encouraged to undermine the election results.

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