Biden immigration strategist Susan Rice burns sage who, after 4 years with Stephen Miller, is fighting negativity in her office

Mr. Miller was the architect of some of the last administration’s most controversial immigration plans, including child segregation policies, the Muslim ban, and the use of military funds to build the border wall.

Burning sage has long been used in ceremonies by indigenous peoples to purify rooms of negativity and promote healing.

Beside the sage who was narrated from The New York TimesMs. Rice reportedly also hung a painting by a Haitian artist showing a group of black people in brightly colored clothes walking on a street.

Ms. Rice will play a leading role in Mr Biden’s immigration policy.

She said on Feb. 3 that the government would create a task force to reunite the 3,000 children who were separated from their families as part of the Trump era.

That same month, Mr Biden’s administration was criticized for reopening a Trump-era border detention facility to house migrant children.

In response to the criticism, Ms. Rice recently led an administrative trip to Biden to view a Department of Homeland Security Border Guard facility and a refugee resettlement center for health and social services.

The visiting officials discussed capacity needs in the facilities.

Ms. Rice was formerly Barack Obama’s national security adviser and was scrutinized by Republicans following the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans.

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