Brandi Glanville has fun on College Admissions Scandal

Brandi Glanville I couldn’t resist talking a little about the college admissions scandal while partying my son mason‘s great achievement.

The 48-year-old reality TV mainstay went on Twitter on Tuesday March 9 to announce the 17-year-old she is sharing with her ex-husband Eddie Cibriansuccessfully graduated from college. She and Eddie also share a 13-year-old son Jake.

In her TweetBrandi joked about that Varsity blues 2019 scandal that accused parents of falsifying test results and bribing athletic trainers and test monitors to improve their children’s chances of admission to universities such as the University of Southern California.

“Amazing news that my baby was admitted to the University of Southern California and I didn’t even have to fake rowing pictures or bribe anyone,” he said Real housewives from Beverly Hills Alum wrote.

The star later tweeted to make it clear that Mason was not accepted into the USC, but into a school in Southern California that she refused to identify.

“I made a joke about the rowing team and bribes because my baby did everything by herself and I’m proud of him [prayer-hands emoji]”Explained Brandi.” However, if my tweet was proofread, it was accepted into a university in Southern California. Will share school at a later date. Sorry 4 the confusion #ProudMom. ”

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