Can Vaccines Make You Magnetic Experts Works to Debunk Social Media Videos

Some people are now asserting on social media that magnets will stick to your arm after you’ve gotten the Covid-19 vaccine injected into that arm. It has nothing to do with you yourself being so attractive though. Instead, the claim is that Covid-19 vaccination injects metal into your arm, apparently enough metal to make magnets stick to your arm. This has included photos and videos posted on social media. For example, a video posted on Instagram and Twitter showed a woman saying, “Here’s the magnet. This is the arm I got the Pfizer shot in,” while placing what looked like a magnet on her left arm, according to Angelo Fichera writing for the website She then said, “You go figure it out. We’re chipped. We’re all bleeped,” except she didn’t say “bleeped” but rather a word that began with “f” and wasn’t “fondued.”

And by “chipped” she presumably didn’t mean potato chipped, banana chipped, poker chipped, cow chipped, or Chip Kelly-d. Instead, in this case, “chipped” probably referred to a metallic microchip, the kind that supposedly can be used to track you. Yes, this whole magnet-sticking-to-arm thing seems to be an extension of the old “tracking microchip in the Covid-19 vaccine” conspiracy theories that have been circulating for a while now.

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