Check in to the 18 Survivor Winners Who Skipped Season 40

While Todd expressed interest in returning during a Reddit AMA last year, saying, “Of course I would play again! A winning season would be great or a winner against runner-up” – the winner of Survivor: China is not one of the 20 castaways.

But after his victory in 2007, Todd publicly struggled with alcoholism and appeared as a frequent gueste Dr. Phil Show. He made headlines in 2017 when he accused Stat and The Boston Globe of the show’s producers providing him with booze and Xanax before putting it on stage during his infamous 2013 appearance when he blew a .5 on an alcohol test. (He reappeared in 2016, revealing that he had a relapse.)

A rep for the show denied the claims, telling E! News: “The Stat article describes Dr. Phil’s methods, the TV show, or its mission to educate millions of viewers about drug and alcohol addiction, not fair or accurate. The show does not give its guests and others drugs or alcohol to the contrary Suggestions are false nonsense. “

Todd is now sober and planning a wedding in November 2020. On the day of the premiere of the 40th season, he wrote on Instagram: “I may not fight winners in war, but I am extremely grateful to be part of this great show!”

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