Chrissy Teigen calls “Weird and Angry” Troll after “Classless” Dig

Now that she’s using Twitter more sparingly, Chrissy Teigen wants to reduce unnecessary negativity, although easier said than done.

The star tweeted on Tuesday, December 8th that she would replace a picture on her quibi show Chrissy’s court than her Twitter header, as the streaming service has stopped working. This led a Twitter user to do this Carillon to say that they intend to follow the model because it “goes on above EVERYTHING”.

Teigen appears to have shared an answer to this that she has since deleted. This deleted answer led the user to write“I didn’t say anything terrible about you. What you just did was really classless.”

As a fan of batters suggested that the user try to be nicer to the person answered “160 tweets in an hour is too many in my opinion. However, the way she responded was completely classless.”

Then Teigen shot back With“I didn’t tweet for 3 days and then I said 6 things. Lolllllll you’re weird and angry.”

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