Congresswoman Lauren Boebert “was stalemated on Capitol Hill after refusing pocket search”

“NOW -> Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who has bragged about her desire to carry a gun on Capital Hill, is currently in a standoff with the Capitol Police over the newly installed metal detectors outside the chamber doors,” wrote Ryan Nobles, correspondent for CNN Washington, on Twitter.

The newly elected Colorado congressman had pledged to carry a Glock pistol while in office in Washington, DC. In a video posted on Twitter last Sunday (January 10th), she said, “I will carry my gun in DC and in Congress.”

After last week’s pro-Trump violation at the Capitol, metal detectors were installed outside the chambers of the house that anyone, including members, must go through to get to the ground.

According to Nobels, Boebert was eventually allowed into the chamber, although “from my point of view it was unclear whether the Capitol Police searched your bag before going in”.

Huffington Post Correspondent Matt Fuller also watched members of Congress get angry about the metal detectors.

“The members are piled on a metal detector trying to get to the ground immediately,” he wrote. “Steve Womack just yelled that he was ‘physically restrained’ from stepping on the floor.”

“I just saw about 10 Republicans walking around the magnetometer,” he continued.

“I didn’t see them all, but among the group were Ralph Northham and Scott Perry.

Jeff Duncan bypassed the metal detector right in front of them. “

Meanwhile, Arizona Congressman Debbie Lesko posted the new security protocols on Twitter.

“In order for members of Congress to have the floor of the US House of Representatives, we must now go through tough security measures in addition to the security we have already gone through. These new regulations include searching and wandering like criminals. We now live at Pelosi Communist America ! “

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