COVID-19 hospital admission tank one month after vaccines were introduced

N.New results from studies in England and Scotland suggest that the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination program is effective in reducing hospital admissions and the risk of illness.

Preliminary results from a study of the Scottish population found that 85 percent fewer hospitalizations were made for people who had received the first dose of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine four weeks earlier than for people who had not been vaccinated. Similarly, a recording of the Oxford / AstraZeneca version was linked to a 94 percent reduction in hospital admissions, according to the Associated Press. The results, which have not yet been peer reviewed, were published on The lancet‘s Preprint site on February 19th.

A second study that was published The lancetThe UK Health Care Preprint site on February 22nd found that one shot of Pfizer’s vaccine was associated with a 70 percent reduced risk of contracting the disease, while the second shot was associated with an 85 percent reduced risk to the AP.

“This new evidence shows that the shock is protecting you and those around you,” UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the AP. “It is important that we see as much evidence as possible about the effects of the vaccine on protection and transmission and we will continue to release the evidence as soon as we collect it.”

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The results from England also suggest that people over 80 who were vaccinated with a single Pfizer shot were 57 percent less likely to get the disease three to four weeks after immunization, and that number increased after the second dose to more than 85 percent.

The UK has delayed giving some people the second shot in order to spread the doses, giving the partial protection afforded by a vaccine dose. The New York Times Reports. More than 17.5 million people in the UK, roughly a third of the population, have already received a vaccine, according to the AP. However, experts say it is unclear how this strategy will play out over the long term.

“We now need to understand how long this protection lasts for a dose of the vaccine,” says Arne Akbar, professor at University College London and President of the British Society for Immunology Times.

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