Covid: The countries where fewer died overall than in just 24 hours in the UK

The UK has announced a record 1,610 daily coronavirus deaths, beating the second highest number by 46 and bringing the death toll to 91,470.

The latest 24-hour number means more people died in a single day in the UK on Tuesday than in dozen of countries since the pandemic started.

While some of these states have small populations, others – including Australia and Malaysia – don’t.

Nigeria, with a population many times larger than that of the UK, is also among the countries with fewer deaths than the UK with 1,610 days a day.

Here is a list of some of these countries and their latest Covid-19 data, as recorded in the list maintained by John Hopkins University and accurate at the time of publication:


Although Australia is not as effective in preventing the virus from spreading as its neighbor New Zealand, fewer than 1,000 people have died from the disease due to Australia’s border closure and strict quarantine measures.

Most of these deaths occurred in the state of Victoria, which struggled to successfully contain the virus until late last year.

In total, Australia has recorded 28,730 coronavirus infections.


Sweden may get most of the coronavirus headlines for its relaxed handling of the pandemic, but neighboring Finland has done better.

As a precaution, the government blocked the country early – albeit not completely – and then eased restrictions once the spread of the virus was under control.

Helsinki also had the benefit of having a supply of medical protective equipment ahead of the pandemic.

To date, Finland has registered 40,722 Covid-19 cases and 621 deaths from the virus.

New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern’s handling of the globally vaunted pandemic helped her to a decisive election victory in October.

Out of a total of 2,262 coronavirus cases, New Zealand has recorded 25 deaths from Covid-19.


Malaysia, like Finland, was better prepared for an outbreak than many other countries.

Ying-Ru Jacqueline Lo, the World Health Organization’s representative in the country, said in October that Malaysia’s readiness provides a solid foundation on which to build its coronavirus response.

Pedestrians wearing face masks walk on a street in Kuala Lumpur

(AFP via Getty Images)

A total of 165,371 coronavirus infections and 619 disease-related deaths have been confirmed.


With the necessary caveat that Nigeria has comparatively little testing capacity, the official death toll is 1,449 total, 161 less than the UK’s highest daily death toll.

In total, Nigeria has detected 112,004 coronavirus cases in its population of more than 200 million.

South Korea

In the early months of the coronavirus crisis, South Korea received praise for flattening the curve. This was largely the result of the government’s effective “test, trace and treat” practice.

To date, 1,185 people have died of coronavirus in the country, while there have been just over 70,000 cases.


At the start of the pandemic, Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, praised Taiwan for its “very good public health response.”

This is still confirmed in recent figures showing that 7 people have died from Covid-19 in Taiwan and 868 test results are positive.


Uruguay’s handling of the pandemic is a rare success story in South America, where countries like Brazil and Peru have recorded some of the world’s highest coronavirus deaths.

The country has recorded 32,863 Covid-19 infections and 319 coronavirus deaths.

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