Dr. Claud Anderson Talks Black America & Buying Black

Dr. Claud Anderson is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, a company that publishes his books and produces multimedia presentations, and The Harvest Institute, a non-profit dedicated to developing policies and programs and conducting research to advocate for and engage in activities that will help make Black America “self-sufficient economically, politically and … competitive as a group.” Anderson received his doctorate in education from Wayne State University according to the Washington Post, and where he may have lectured in a professional or educational capacity. However, according to his website, he was the State Coordinator of Education under Florida Governor Reubin Askew during the 1970s and lead President Jimmy Carter’s Florida campaign. Carter then named him assistant secretary of commerce, according to the Post. Anderson is president of The Harvest Institute, a think tank focused on Black issues.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Anderson’s website espouses his belief that “[Black Americans] should require that any business, political party or political candidate who seeks or benefits from Black support, always identify Blacks by name, commit and in reciprocity, deliver tangible, measurable benefits to Black Americans.”

“They should never allow themselves to be grouped with or equated to broad and ambiguous classes such as minorities, immigrants, people of color, diversity, poor people or similar defining terms,” Anderson’s website continues.

“[Using such terms] adds insult to injury, hides their special history and promotes the myth that all people have been created and treated equally and that all groups have contributed equally to the building of the nation. Nothing is further from the truth,” it concludes.

On September 6, 2011, Anderson also wrote a letter to former Democratic President Barack Obama about economically revitalizing the Black community in the United States. He also wrote a letter to Trump in 2019 discussing his belief that current policies privilege immigrants over Black U.S. citizens.

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