Dr.  Fauci says rich countries India failed by focusing on themselves during Covid

Dr. Anthony Fauci said rich countries failed to stop the “terrible and tragic situation” in India by focusing on themselves during Covid.

Speak with The guardThe White House chief medical officer said it was up to rich countries to help India and others unable to find enough Covid vaccines.

“The only way to respond appropriately to a global pandemic is through a global response. A global response means justice worldwide,” said Dr. Fauci. ”

Regarding “countries that are relatively rich,” the chief doctor said that many countries already knew what needs to be done to fight Covid, but that it failed.

This includes the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covaxx initiative, which is trying to secure Covid vaccines and treatments for less affluent countries – citing donations from richer countries.

“We have to do more, we have to provide vaccines to countries that are unable to do this themselves,” said Dr. Fauci.

“The United States has really accelerated its activities in support of India and Covaxx with the WHO,” he continued. “We are sending oxygen, remdesivir, personal protective equipment, a variety of other drugs and will be soon.” Send vaccine[s] help out. “

Dr. Fauci’s remarks came as India posted a daily record of 3,293 Covid deaths on Tuesday. The country’s death toll was 200,000 and rising, according to the Associated Press.

Infections are also breaking records: 362,757 cases were registered for Wednesday – the world’s worst number in a day.

Despite statements by the White House chief medical officer, both the US and the UK have been criticized for refusing to surrender patent rights on Covid vaccines and treatments.

India, which has faced a crisis in recent weeks, signed a proposal to WHO in October to forego intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines, CNBC reported, and allow other countries to produce supplies domestically .

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