Easily the 25 best secrets of Schitt’s Creek revealed

10. One of the show’s most iconic moments was the reveal that Alexis tried to become a reality star and recorded the theme song for what gave fans the single “A Little Bit Alexis,” which later went viral . And Annie actually wrote the song herself, with the help of her husband, determined to make it a “bang” in the sense of something Britney Spears or Paris Hilton would have released.

“She was always around musicians and new people and producers and she said, ‘Yeah, let me see what I can do’ and came back to us with a bang,” Levyy said EW. “Now I get tweets from mostly gay men who are in clubs and the song is played. I think gay bars and clubs act like they’re playing it, which for me is the biggest compliment. “

11. Not only did Annie catch the tune, she also revealed that she choreographed Alexis’ dance number, which she didn’t show anyone before the scene was shot. “I kept my fingers crossed that it would be enough and then I went in and did it,” she explained EW.

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