Emile Heskey founds the Dubai-based agency Final Whistle Sports

Former Liverpool and Leicester striker Emile Heskey has started a sports agency in Dubai.

Final Whistle Sports (FW Sports) aims to connect fans and businesses in MENA with players and clubs around the world through tailored personal and business experiences such as sponsorship, coaching, events and more.

The agency’s co-founder, Nadim Badran, is a passionate Liverpool fan who only met a single player in his thirties due to his Beirut headquarters. This is how the idea of ​​Final Whistle Sports came about.

Heskey met Badran in Beirut 10 years ago and quickly became friends. Both are family-oriented people with a need to be productive all the time, who share a love for football, people, social issues, business and good food. They stayed in touch over the years and previously worked on a few projects together before starting FW Sports.

During the lockdown last April, Badran invited 15 friends on a Zoom call with the former Liverpool resident. Fans of the call were able to ask questions directly, interact with Emile, and feel like they were having a personal experience.

From then on, the idea of ​​how MENA fans could have more access to players, either digitally or physically, came up. FW Sports is already a partner of Leicester City, which is responsible for securing club partners and sponsors from the region as well as increasing their presence in the region.

At the B2C level, the agency has exclusive Zoom calls with players (15 guests maximum) every two weeks and is planning a number of events for October. Fans can have private dinner with their favorite players, play soccer, golf and FIFA. Companies can take advantage of the incredible mental resilience that players learn at a young age through lectures, conferences, and bespoke team coaching packages.

Commenting on his excitement at yesterday’s start, Badran said: “We are very excited to make the dreams of the Middle Eastern fans come true and to help them reach the stars. From bespoke personal experiences to more comprehensive corporate sponsorship offers, we want to be the bridge between the region and the world’s most popular leagues. “

More information is available at www.finalwhistlesports.com

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