Eric Adams: Volunteer for New York mayoral candidate stabbed

“This violence must stop,” he wrote, adding police are investigating the situation.

Seven things to know about the NYC mayoral race

The victim, a 42-year-old male, was stabbed “multiple times” at 149th and Morris Avenue, New York Police Department spokesperson Edward Riley told CNN.

The victim is “not likely to die” as a result of the injuries, Riley said, adding the investigation is “active and ongoing.”

At a press conference Sunday, Adams said the volunteer had been stabbed multiple times with an icepick. “That is one of the most dangerous weapons you can use with a stabbing,” he said.

The man had been handing out campaign literature when he was stabbed, Adams said, but it was not yet known if the attack was related to the campaign.

“We don’t know what it is connected to. We have been dealing with some issues that we’re going to see if it’s connected with that, but at this time, we’re not sure,” Adams said. “The police department is now investigating. There is a video so, that’s going to be very helpful. And I’m sure as soon as they can speak with him, they’ll find out exactly what happened.”

Adams’ campaign told CNN on Sunday evening the volunteer was “out of surgery and stable.”

Earlier Sunday, Adams joined local elected leaders to speak out against gun violence across the city, a spokesman for the campaign said.

Fellow mayoral candidate Ray McGuire tweeted good wishes to the stabbing victim.

“Campaigns are about a lot more than candidates; they are also about those who step up to support and personally invest in a candidate they believe will build a better future for us all. Crystal and I are praying for this volunteer and his loved ones,” McGuire wrote.

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