G7 Summit 2021 live: Macron attacks Prime Minister over Northern Ireland

“Nothing is negotiable” Macron is sticking to Brexit negotiations

French President Emmanuel Macron has increased pressure on Boris Johnson over the Northern Ireland Protocol, insisted that “nothing is negotiable” and undermined British attempts to claim “harmony” at the G7 summit.

In a defiant statement at the Elysee before his trip to Cornwall, Macron warned his British counterparts that France was unwilling to renegotiate any aspect of the protocol – and appeared to question whether Britain was trustworthy.

“We have a protocol,” he said. “If you say after six months that we cannot respect what has been negotiated, then that means that nothing can be respected. I believe in the weight of a contract, I believe in a serious approach. Nothing is negotiable. Everything is applicable. “

It comes when Mr Johnson downplayed divisions with US President Joe Biden and called him “a breath of fresh air” after it was revealed by The times that a senior US diplomat No. 10 accused of “igniting” tension in Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister upheld the appearances, telling the BBC this morning that the US-UK alliance is considered an “indestructible relationship … [which] has existed for a very long time and has been an important part of peace and prosperity both in Europe and around the world ”.


Nandy says Johnson urgently needs to provide global vaccine aid

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy said this morning there was a moral, economic and health case for Britain to vaccinate the world against the coronavirus.

She told BBC Breakfast on Friday that Boris Johnson’s promise ahead of the G7 summit to donate at least 100 million surplus vaccine doses to some of the world’s poorest countries was a “welcome agreement” but there had to be a plan, not just an ambition .

“What we need in the next 48 hours is not just the ambition to vaccinate the world, but a concrete plan,” she said. “That would be in Britain’s best interests too, the International Monetary Fund says this would represent the greatest return in modern history for wealthier countries because of the economic consequences if we didn’t look into it.”

She added that “it is imperative that the Prime Minister deliver this”.

Nandy at the BBC Breakfast this morning


Sam HancockJune 11, 2021 8:10 am


Biden “engaged” in the Harry Dunn case, Johnson claims

Joe Biden was “actively involved” and “extremely sympathetic” in the case of the young motorcyclist Harry Dunn, said Boris Johnson.

The US and UK leaders discussed the 19-year-old who was killed in a motorbike car accident outside a military base in Northamptonshire ahead of the G7 summit of leaders in Cornwall.

The death in August 2019 sparked international controversy after Anne Sacoolas asserted diplomatic immunity on her behalf. Since then, she has been charged with causing the teen’s death from dangerous driving.

Mr Johnson was asked if there had been any progress on the case following his discussion with his American counterpart and said he understood that there were “limits” to Mr Biden’s ability.

“You should really – if you have the opportunity – put your question to the President because he is actively involved in the case,” said the Prime Minister in an interview with the BBC.

“As you know, he has his very own personal reasons to be very concerned with the subject. And he was very compassionate, but neither of the two governments can control that easily as legal proceedings are still pending. “

The Dunn family said they were delighted that the case was raised on the “first opportunity” presented.

Sam HancockJune 11, 2021 8:03 AM


Prime Minister welcomes “indestructible relationship” between the US and Britain

Boris Johnson has described the alliance between the US and the UK as an “indestructible relationship”.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Johnson said he and Joe Biden had “excellent” conversations at the G7 summit, which later starts with vaccines and climate change on the agenda.

Mr Johnson insisted that the US President did not reprimand him for post-Brexit tensions in Northern Ireland. However, Mr Biden is said to have “deep concern” about the situation.

The two men met on Thursday in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, ahead of the start of the G7 summit, where the leaders of Canada, the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the US and the UK will meet in person for the first time since the pandemic.

Speaking to BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Johnson said the UK and US share beliefs in human rights, the rules-based international order and the transatlantic alliance.

He said he considered the club to be “an indestructible relationship” or the “deep and meaningful relationship”.

“This relationship has lasted a very long time and has been an important part of peace and prosperity both in Europe and around the world,” he said.

Sam HancockJune 11, 2021 8:01 am


Macron attacks Britain’s failure to implement the Brexit deal ahead of the G7 showdown

Emmanuel Macron has launched a furious assault on Britain’s failure to implement the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, branding the Prime Minister’s attempt to reopen the legal protocol on Irish Sea trade as “not serious”, saying: ” Nothing is renegotiable ”.

The attack – ahead of a face-to-face meeting with Mr Johnson in Cornwall – came after the US issued an extraordinary diplomatic reprimand to Great Britain for endangering the Northern Ireland peace process.

Joe Biden’s top diplomat in London warned David Frost, the Brexit minister, that the government is “igniting” tensions by refusing to impose controls in ports, as revealed in a memo that No. 10 did not deny.

Our deputy political editor Rob Merrick reports:

Sam HancockJune 11, 2021 7:55 am


Hello and welcome to The independent oneRolling coverage of the start of the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall.

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