Gabrielle Union will claim “gastrointestinal problem” in order to have some time to herself

Even LA is the best Stars have to hide sometimes … even when it’s in the bathroom.

The pandemic hit everyone hard this year, but especially parents. And although Gabrielle Union Perhaps motherhood is what matters, it’s no exception when it comes to the heightened stress mothers and fathers experience.

The mother up to 2 years old Kaavia James Union Wade In a new interview with, she learned how she navigated parenting during quarantine parents Magazine.

Last week the Bring it on Alaun told the point of sale about an oh-so-devious trick she uses with her family, which includes her stepchildren Dwyane Wade:: Zaire, 18, Zaya, 13 and Xavier7th

“I can’t even go up front,” joked Gabrielle. “I’m going to raise a gastrointestinal problem so quickly that I have a little more time.”

That’s right: she admitted that she has holes in her bathroom to have much-needed time alone, just like the rest of us.

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