Ghislaine Maxwell News up-to-date: Epstein pilot testifies in court

Watch the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell begin live outside the courthouse

The trial of British celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell began Monday in New York City, with the 59-year-old being charged with alleged involvement in the sex crimes of financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Prosecutor Lara Pomerantz told a Manhattan federal court jury that Ms. Maxwell was getting girls for Epstein through the “trick” of massage in the 1990s. In response, her defense said that Ms. Maxwell was scapegoated because Epstein’s death resulted in her accusers being unable to seek justice.

Sarah Ransome – one of several women who have accused Epstein and Ms. Maxwell of abuse – was seen at the courthouse before the first day of the trial and told reporters, “I never thought that day would come.”

Ms. Maxwell, who has worked with British royals and US presidents for decades, is charged with recruiting and caring for underage girls for the disgraced financier between 1994 and 2004 for the purpose of sexually abusing him between 1994 and 2004.

As the daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell, Ms. Maxwell faces a prison sentence of up to 35 years if found guilty. The process is said to take six weeks.


Prosecutors appear in court to witness the trial

Sarah Ransome, one of the women who accused former financier Jeffrey Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell of sexually abusing them in the 1990s, came to court in Manhattan on Monday and told reporters, “I never would have thought this one Day would come “”.

Ms. Ransome’s appearance in court was noteworthy, although she will not testify at the trial. As another senior prosecutor, Victoria Giuffre, will fail to testify.

Ms. Ransome told BBC Panorama in 2019 that she had tried to escape from Epstein’s private island, surrounded by shark-infested waters, and that he was having “full erotic sex” on board his private jet. The bold act was “like making a cup of tea,” said Ms. Ransome.

Gino SpocchiaNovember 30, 2021 11:50 am


Summary: What did the prosecutor say on Monday?

US Assistant Attorney Lara Elizabeth Pomerantz accused Ghislaine Maxwell on Monday of finding young girls who were “manipulated” and “introduced” to Jeffrey Epstein for sexual abuse.

She said both Ms. Maxwell and Epstein were involved in the “Abuse Pyramid Plan” and attracted the young girls by promising them money and gifts as rewards.

Ms. Maxwell denied the charges before trial and was seen taking notes on Monday. Her lawyer meanwhile argued that the 59-year-old was some kind of scapegoat for Epstein’s abuse of women.

Gino SpocchiaNovember 30, 2021 11:30 am


Maxwell’s lawyer compared her to Eve, Epstein to Adam and James Bond

In response to Monday’s indictment, a lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell told the court that she was not left to fill a “gaping hole” in the pursuit of justice for the women accused of sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein, but the 59 -Year-old compared -old to Eve, the biblical figure.

Attorney Bobbi Sternheim said women have been more accused, vilified and punished for bad behavior by men since “Eve was accused of seducing Adam for the apple,” as Courthouse News reported on Monday.

“I said before Epstein was a manipulator … but he was also a mysterious man with no attachment. He didn’t have a wife. He didn’t have any children. And he didn’t have a boss. Yet he attracted all of these rich and powerful people before and after he fell from grace in 2008. “

“In many ways, he was like a 21st century James Bond. His secret aroused interest. “

Gino SpocchiaNovember 30, 2021 11:10 AM


Summary: What happened on Monday?

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell began Monday when prosecutors alleged the British celebrity was a “partner in crime” of her former employee and partner Jeffrey Epstein in a “pyramid scheme” of sexual abuse between 1994 and 2004.

In her opening statement, US Assistant Attorney Lara Elizabeth Pomerantz said that Ms. Maxwell had found and targeted young girls from broken families for Epstein to be sexually abused under the guise of “massage” and that Ms. Maxwell “was there from the start” .

In the defense team’s opening statement, Attorney Bobbi Sternheim told the court that Epstein’s death left Ms. Maxwell to fill a “gaping hole” in the MeToo-era prosecution of women who accuse him of sexual abuse.

Ms. Maxwell took notes and discussed with her attorneys during the first day of the trial, with the trial resuming Tuesday. She has pleaded not guilty on eight sex trafficking charges. Justin Vallejo. from the independent writes:

Gino SpocchiaNovember 30, 2021 10:37 am


Accidentally disclosed flight records related to Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accidentally released more than 2,000 flight records relating to four Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets.

Earlier this year, the FAA reportedly sent an email Business Insider 2,300 flight records of four private jets that the former billionaire registered between 1998 and 2020.

While most of the flight records were public, at least 704 previously unknown flights, including hundreds of flights by Epstein’s aircraft between 2013 and 2016, have not yet been recorded.

Ms. Maxwell was a frequent passenger aboard the disgraced financier’s jets.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarNovember 30, 2021 7:11 am


Congressman criticized for calling the Maxwell Trial a “left panic”

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was ridiculed after dismissing the Ghislaine Maxwell trial as “misguided outrage”.

She was bombarded with pictures of Jeffrey Epstein and former President Donald Trump. “Be prepared for an above-average level of left-wing panic and misguided indignation,” Ms. Boebert tweeted before the trial.

In response to her, critics shared a plethora of photos of Ms. Maxwell, Epstein, and the former president.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarNovember 30, 2021 4:47 AM


Everything we know about Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and partner

She has been waiting in jail for the trial to begin for 15 months – since she was tracked down by the FBI and arrested in July 2020.

The daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell could face up to 35 years in prison if convicted.

The independents Lamiat Sabin looks at everything we know about Epstein’s alleged accomplices.

Justin VallejoNovember 30, 2021 4:00 am


Ghislaine Maxwell’s hearing continues on Tuesday

The British celebrity will respond again on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. to the direct questioning in the federal court of Manhattan.

Four defendants are expected to testify against Maxwell in the trial, which is expected to run through at least early January.

Prosecutors said other witnesses will include prosecutor’s family and former Epstein employees.

Alisha Rahaman SarkarNovember 30, 2021 3:54 am


What exactly was Epstein’s island?

The first witness to testify in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was the pilot of Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet flying to his various properties in Manhattan, Palm Beach, New Mexico and Paris. That included his infamous island estate in the Virgin Islands.

The independents Io Dodds takes a closer look at what exactly Epstein’s island estate is all about.

Justin VallejoNovember 30, 2021 3:00 am


Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says US prosecutors want to “break” her

The brother of a British celebrity allegedly helping Jeffrey Epstein exploit underage girls says her indictment is “the most overrated trial of the century” aimed at breaking a woman who is being attacked by the authorities desperately wanting to blame someone for the deceased financier’s crimes.

Ghislaine Maxwell continues to have her family’s support and a family member will be in court at any time to show support, Ian Maxwell said in a pre-trial interview.

“This is to break them; I don’t see any other way of reading it. … And it will not be broken because she fully believes in her innocence and will do her best. “

Maxwell says his sister is being accused by US authorities of intent on holding someone responsible for Epstein’s crimes.

“The authorities feel pressured … because they lost (Epstein) and they feel under public pressure, and that combination of pressures keeps Ghislaine inside,” he said. “But it still doesn’t get it right.” – Associated press

Justin VallejoNovember 30, 2021 2:00 am

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