Hollie Murphy runs seven marathons in the Emirates to help people with determination

A former teacher who started a pioneering sports network for people with determination has completed seven consecutive marathons in seven emirates to raise money and awareness.

Hollie Murphy, 34, began the incredible journey in Abu Dhabi on Saturday March 27th. By the time she crossed the finish line on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah on Friday April 2nd, she had covered 294 km.

The New Balance-sponsored challenge raised over 5,000 dirhams to Heroes of Hope – a nonprofit that Hollie created to help people with determination build relationships through sports and the Al Jalila Foundation, which helps people, who cannot afford medical treatment

Quality of health care.

Hollie, an Irish expat who lives in Dubai, said: “Heroes of Hope is about enabling children and young people with physical and mental disabilities to participate and interact through sport and enjoy a sense of achievement regardless of their physical abilities. ”

“It seemed appropriate that I should take on a physical challenge that pushed me beyond my comfort zone in order to raise some cash and awareness. There were times, especially in the middle of the challenge, when I wondered what I was doing! I had to dig really deep and just keep putting one in
One foot in front of the other. “

She added, “The support I received from members of the community who have sponsored me, my colleagues and so many others has been incredible.”

New Balance, through its partnership with Hollie and Heroes of Hope, is committed to donating 294 pairs of trainers to determined children. For every kilometer Hollie covers, New Balance donates a pair of trainers. Hollie’s 7 marathons over 7 Emirates in 7 days were collected over 294 kilometers.

Hollie’s work with determined people began when she was a physical education teacher in Dubai. She started an after-school club for determined children, backed by organizations and owners that made their growth possible.

After seeing the benefits of the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi, Hollie quit teaching in 2020 and started Heroes of Hope as a free community outreach initiative. Heroes of Hope was selected by the Social Inclusion Authority – Ma’an’s Social Incubator Program.

It is an Abu Dhabi-based social contributions agency that brings together government, the private sector and civil society to support a culture of social contribution and participation.

New Balance’s Stuart Henwood said, “Hollie has shown so much spirit over the years, and especially in the past seven days, through this incredible challenge. We were only too happy to enable Hollie’s running tour of the 7 emirates. Our goal was to make sure that she had the maximum comfort
That’s why we made our Fresh Foam franchise available to her over the 7 days. As a brand, we are very proud to be associated with Heroes of Hope and this initiative. We are a brand of movement and through this initiative we have been fortunate enough to enable 294 children with determination to get better exercise
with our donation from trainers. “

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