In the love lives of Harry Potter’s greatest stars

Almost 20 years later we are still enchanted by the cast of Harry Potter.

Yes, the first film in the magical franchise –Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone-was released in November 2001 which means Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, on April 31, 15, Rupert Grint and the rest of the stars have been in our lives for two decades. Like Harry on a broomstick, time really flies by.

In the years since the Order of the Phoenix defeated Lord Voldemort and graduated from Hogwarts, many of the actors have married and welcomed children … and some have even dated some of their co-stars. Did you know that Luna Lovegood and James Potter were once in a relationship ?! Meanwhile, Ginny Weasley was engaged to one of the most notorious villains in the magical world.

Most recently Rupert and Devon Murray, who played Seamus Finnigan in the franchise, became a first-time dad, while the notoriously private Emma was recently spotted with her businessman boyfriend. Muggles, they’re growing up so fast.

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