Journalists discuss new Alzheimer’s drug, women’s alcohol consumption, hip-hop and opioids link

Julie Rovner, KHN’s chief correspondent in Washington, discussed the FDA approval of a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease on WAMU’s “1A” on Wednesday.

  • Click here for Rovner on WAMU. to listen

KHN correspondent Aneri Pattani discussed the increase in alcohol consumption and abuse by young women in NPR’s “All Things Considered” on Wednesday.

  • Click here to hear Pattani on NPR
  • Read Pattani’s “Women Now Drink As Much As Men – And Get Sick Earlier”

KHN freelancer Harris Meyer discussed on Tuesday on Newsy and on Wednesday in WCPN’s “The Sound of Ideas” about the approval of a new drug for Alzheimer’s disease by the FDA.

  • Click here to see Meyer on Newsy
  • Click here to hear Meyer on WCPN
  • Read Meyer’s “FDA is considering approval of a lucrative Alzheimer’s drug, but the benefit is dubious”

KHN’s social media manager Chaseedaw Giles discussed Lx’s “First Look” on NBC on Tuesday about opioid use and hip-hop music.

  • Click here to watch Giles on NBC Lx
  • Read Giles’ “Opioids like ‘slim’ permeate hip-hop culture, but the dangers are downplayed

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