Kelly Rowland explains why she won’t see the Britney Spears Doc

Although FX is new Britney Spears Documentary has sparked endless debates as to who is a person who is not intending to join the conversation Kelly Rowland.

The previous one Child of destiny Member appeared on Watch what happens live on Thursday March 4th where she explained to the host Andy Cohen why she didn’t see Framing Britney Spears, which focuses on the conservational situation of the “Lucky” singer with the father Jamie Spears. Kelly and Britney both got roughly equal fame when Britney’s debut album was released in January 1999, while Destiny’s Child’s breakthrough album was released The writing is on the wall dropped in July 1999.

“No, I haven’t seen the Britney doctor,” replied 40-year-old Kelly. “I have a hard time wanting to see it just because I really respect it when artists actually say, ‘This is a documentary, it’s okay to see it.’ I respect their space and their privacy and their point of view, do you know what I mean? “

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