Live news from Trump and Biden: Ex-President accused of “hiding” Covid vaccine

Wildest allegations from Trump’s CPAC speech

Former President Donald Trump has been accused of “hiding” the fact that both he and Melania Trump received a Covid-19 vaccination in January before leaving the White House.

Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu asked why the couple decided to “hide the fact that they got a Covid vaccine” The New York Times They each received one privately, according to an advisor to the former president.

Others also criticized Trump for refusing to receive the sting publicly, which could have boosted his supporters’ confidence in the vaccine.

On Sunday he had told the Orlando Conservative Political Conference (CPAC) that “everyone” should “go to get your shot”.

Biden told López Obrador that the two countries “weren’t perfect neighbors”. The Mexican president replied that he was glad that Biden was “ready to maintain good relations for the good of our people”.


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