Machine gun Kelly says he has Megan Fox’s blood “around my neck”

Kelly machine gun seems to channel its insides Angelina Jolie when he posted a heartfelt Valentine’s Day tribute to his girlfriend Megan Fox.

The 30-year-old musician visited Instagram on Sunday, February 14th to share a carousel with pictures and footage of the couple.

In his caption, he claimed he had Megan’s blood around his neck. Sure enough, one of the pictures showed a vial that appeared to contain a drop of blood and hung on a necklace. (You see, we meant it literally when we called his post “from the heart.”)

“I have your blood around my neck,” he wrote, adding emojis symbolizing a knife, a drop of blood, a DNA symbol and a rose. “My damn Valentine’s Day.”

On the same day, Megan also shared a carousel of videos and photos on her Instagram showing the couple in honor of Valentine’s Day.

“There goes my heart,” she wrote, “manifests itself outside of my body, draped in the towering silhouette of an unusually handsome boy, magical and haunted, kinetic and tortured, ethereal and dangerous, cosmic, lawless, eternal creative genius.”

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