Man accused of threatening to kill President Biden and White House staff and “chop off all heads”

A North Carolina man was arrested for making threats to attack and kill President Joe Biden and for the heads of White House employees to be chopped off, according to court documents.

David Kyle Reeves, 27, of Gastonia, North Carolina faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine if proven guilty.

According to the complaint, Reeves contacted the White House and U.S. Capitol Police control panels several times to tell the president, lawmakers, and staff the threat of harm.

The calls were made between January 28th and February 1st.

On a phone call, Reeves allegedly said, “I will [expletive] kill you all [expletive] the White House ”and“ I’ll chop off your heads, ”the complaint read.

Reeves also threatened an intelligence agent, who contacted him and added that he had done nothing wrong. He said he had “free speech”.

He asked the intelligence agent to pick him up and take him to the White House “so he can slap the president in the face, sit in his chair and stay there until he dies,” the prosecutor said.

Reeves was arrested on February 5 and presented in court on February 11 for a hearing.

“After today’s hearing, Judge Keesler ordered Reeves to remain in custody,” the court said in a statement.

According to the defendant’s attorney Kevin Tate, Reeves pleaded not guilty and was being examined on his mental health, CNN reported.

President Biden isn’t the only one facing death threats. Last year a Kansas man was accused of threatening Donald Trump with a death threat in a Facebook post.

“I’ll kill Trump tomorrow at 7 p.m. in the White House,” the man said.

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