Meghan and Harry Oprah interview – live: Palace under pressure as Thomas Markle talks to Piers Morgan

The Labour Party has demanded that Buckingham Palace speak out over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations of racism against an unnamed member of the royal family.

During a two-hour TV special in which Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Meghan said that conversations were had about how dark her child’s skin would be when she was pregnant.

Winfrey confirmed that Harry had asked her to ensure it was clear neither the Queen nor the Duke of Edinburgh were part of those conversations.

During the interview, which was originally over three hours long but was cut down for TV, Meghan revealed that she had suffered from suicidal thoughts and said that the palace did not help her when asked.

On Tuesday morning, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle appeared on Good Morning Britain to respond to Meghan’s claims that he had “betrayed” her by talking to the tabloid press.

The duchess’s father said he would stop giving media interviews when he heard from his daughter and her husband, and claimed he hadn’t heard from the couple since 2018.

The couple’s interview, which aired on American network, CBS, on Sunday night, was then played to UK audiences on ITV on Monday night.


The Palace is said to be in “crisis talks” in the wake of Harry and Meghan’s interview.

During the TV special, Harry and Meghan made a series of claims about their lives in the royal family, including that one person raised concerns about how dark their son Archie’s skin would be.

Winfrey later clarified that the remark was not made by the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to the BBC, “crisis meetings” have taken place involving senior royals following the documentary.

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“Allegations, accusations have been made – they obviously need to be looked at,” said Jonathan Ashworth, the party’s health spokesman.

Asked how the investigation should be carried out, Mr Ashworth replied: “That is a matter for the Palace and they will need to come forward with a process.”

And – after more than 24 hours of silence from the royal family – he told BBC Radio 4: “I think people will expect them to make a response.”

Natasha Preskey9 March 2021 09:21


Mental health charity Mind has criticised Piers Morgan after the presenter said he didn’t believe that the Duchess of Sussex had had suicidal thoughts.

During Meghan and Harry’s interview, Meghan said that following intense press scrutiny, she felt she “didn’t want to be alive anymore”.

Yesterday, Morgan said: “I don’t believe a word she says, Meghan Markle. I wouldn’t believe her if she read me a weather report.”

Mind said it was “disappointed and concerned” by Morgan’s comments.

The charity said in a Twitter statement: “It’s vital that when people reach out for support or share their experiences of ill mental health that they are treated with dignity, respect and empathy.”

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, call the Samaritans on 116 123

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Thomas Markle has claimed Harry didn’t support Meghan “that well” during her mental health crisis.

The Duchess of Sussex discussed having had suicidal thoughts during her and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

During Markle’s appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier today, presenter Susanna Reid told Meghan’s father that Harry “clearly supported” Meghan during this time.

Markle responded by claiming that Harry had “obviously not supported her that well”.

Harry ‘obviously didn’t support Meghan’ during suicidal period, says Thomas Markle

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Thomas Markle has said that he speaks to the press in the hopes of hearing from Harry and Meghan.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain earlier today, he said: “What I do, because I haven’t heard from them, is I’ll do a story for the press.

“If I don’t hear from them in 30 days, then I’ll do another story for the press.

“And I’ve yet to hear from them. I’d love to hear from them.”

He added: “When they decide to talk to me, I’ll stop talking to the press.” 

Thomas Markle says he’ll stop talking to the press when Harry and Meghan talk to him

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During his appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier today, Thomas Markle claimed his last conversation with Harry was in 2018 in the run-up to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

The 76-year-old said he’d had a heart attack and was in hospital and told Harry that he couldn’t attend the wedding.

Markle claimed Harry told him: “If you had listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened to you.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s father said he felt that this was “snotty” and hung up on Harry.

“That was the last conversation we ever had,” he said.

‘Snotty’ Harry told me I should have taken his advice, says Thomas Markle

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In Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired last night, Meghan said Thomas Markle “betrayed” her by talking to the tabloid press.

Read more about what Meghan said about her father in the interview, which aired last night, below.

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The father of Meghan Markle has said he hopes a comment allegedly made by a member of the royal family about the colour of her son’s skin was “just a stupid question”.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Thomas Markle said he had “great respect” for the royal family and did not think they, or the British people, were racists.

Natasha Preskey9 March 2021 08:25


Thomas Markle has said that a comment Meghan claimed a member of the royal family made enquiring about “how dark” her son Archie’s skin colour would be was “just a stupid question”.

The Duchess of Sussex’s father also commented on institutional racism in the UK.

He said: “I don’t think the royals are racist, I don’t think Brits are racist. Los Angeles and California is racist.”

Natasha Preskey9 March 2021 08:19


Meghan’s father Thomas Markle is giving an interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Meghan’s father has said he talks to the press as he hasn’t spoken with his daughter since 2018.

The 76-year-old said Meghan had “ghosted” most of her family and that he speaks to the press as he hasn’t had contact with his daughter.

Markle said he gives a press interview, waits 30 days to see if he hears from his daughter, then does another story.

“When they decide to talk to me, I’ll decide to stop talking to the press,” he said.

Natasha Preskey9 March 2021 08:11


Harry claims William and Charles are ’trapped within the system’

Prince Harry has claimed his Prince Charles and Prince William are “trapped” within the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex was asked during an interview with Oprah Winfrey whether he would have left the family if he had not met Meghan Markle.

“I wouldn’t have been able to, because I myself was trapped, as well. I didn’t see a way out. You know, I was trapped, but I didn’t know I was trapped.”

He then went on to use the same word to describe his father, Prince Charles, and his older brother, William.

He said: “My father and my brother, they are trapped. They don’t get to leave. And I have huge compassion for that.”

Samuel Osborne has the story.

Justin Vallejo9 March 2021 07:40


Buckingham Palace is under pressure to respond to racism claims after Meghan said during her and Harry’s interview that there had been “concerns and conversations about how dark [Archie’s] skin might be when he’s born”.

The couple refused to name the royal who had made the racist comments but Winfrey has said Harry told her it was not the Queen or Prince Philip.

The palace has so far avoided commenting on any of the claims made in the interview but a member of the Labour Party’s frontbench team has called for the institution to launch a full investigation.

Natasha Preskey9 March 2021 07:24


How much would Harry and Meghan’s security detail cost?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have claimed their security detail was withdrawn by the royal family despite an acknowledgement that the threat against them had not changed.

In a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple said the decision had left them in Canada without the support that the prince had been afforded all his life in the face of “death threats and racist propaganda” following his marriage to Meghan.

Instead the couple paid for their security detail with money left to Harry by his mother, Princess Diana, while they lived in Canada.

But how much would security for the couple have cost?

Vincent Wood breaks it down.

Justin Vallejo9 March 2021 06:40


Meghan and Harry: How much did Diana leave in inheritance for Harry?

Prince Harry told Oprah Winfrey that after being cut off financially by the royal family he supported his new life in California with his inheritance from Princess Diana.

The revelation left many viewers wondering how much Harry’s mother had left him after her death at the age of 36.

Diana left an estate of £21m, but more than £8m was paid in inheritance tax, leaving £12,966,022, according to the Press Association.

It was split equally between William and younger brother Harry, who were aged 15 and 12 when Diana died in a Paris car crash in 1997.

The money was invested by royal advisers, which saw its value rise to around £20m by the time her sons reached the age when they could access it.

Graeme Massie has the full breakdown.

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Trump allies attack Meghan Markle over Oprah Winfrey interview

Donald Trump’s allies have hit out at Meghan Markle over her bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview after she once said she would move to Canada if he won the White House.

And the ex-president said last year that he was “not a fan” of Meghan after she and Harry encouraged Americans to vote in the US presidential election he lost to Joe Biden.

Now Mr Trump’s biggest online cheerleaders have been quick to take shots at Meghan.

“Here’s the question Oprah should have asked Harry & Meghan: isn’t the whole point of the Royal Family that it’s *not* about you but about your country? It’s about service to the UK and the Commonwealth,” tweeted former White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.

Justin Vallejo9 March 2021 04:40


What is the Netflix deal Harry and Meghan struck with the streaming giant?

Earlier in the year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they had created a production company and signed a deal with Netflix.

As part of the agreement, the couple are expected to make documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows and children’s programming.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said their new endeavour would be focused on “creating content that informs but also gives hope”.

Although the exact details of the size of the deal have not been disclosed, several reports have suggested it could be worth in excess of $100m (£72).

In their landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey, which first aired on Sunday, the pair said they had not even thought about streaming opportunities with Netflix when they initially stepped down from palace life.

Chelsea Ritschel and Rachel Brodsky have all the details.

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‘He didn’t want to be following another coffin’: Friend of Prince Harry says he had no choice but to support Meghan

A friend of Prince Harry has said that he had no choice but to support Meghan Markle after the experience of his mother, the late Diana Princess of Wales.

“In the interview [with Oprah Winfrey], he talks about the parallels between his mother and Meghan … he saw history repeating itself and he doesn’t want to be following another coffin, so he took action,” Dean Stott told Sky News.

In 1997, at the age of 12, Harry joined his brother Prince William, father Prince Charles, grandfather Prince Philip, and uncle Earl Spencer, walking behind his mother’s coffin through the streets of London before her funeral.

Oliver O’Connell reports.

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41 of the best reactions and memes to the big Harry and Meghan interview

The most talked about and anticipated television event of the year aired on Sunday evening in the United States as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were interviewed about their rift with the Royal Family by Oprah Winfrey.

The interview which aired in the US on CBS and is due to be shown on ITV on Monday evening, saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reveal some of the details on their disintegrating relationship with the rest of the Royals, which contained several eye-opening bombshells.

Key moments saw Meghan reveal that she had suffered from suicidal thoughts and that Buckingham Palace had not done anything to help when asked and that there had been concerned conversations of the skin colour of their child Archie, whilst Markle was still pregnant and that because he wasn’t a prince he wouldn’t receive any security protection.

Justin Vallejo9 March 2021 01:28


‘He’s like a guy in a hostage video’: Donald Trump Jr says Harry brainwashed into a woke reality

It’s time for the Trump family to weigh in on the Oprah interview, with the junior Donald saying he can relate to the Duchess as someone that comes from a high-profile family dealing with media.

He said he feels bad for Harry for being brainwashed into a woke reality, but that Meghan was playing the victim for media attention.

“Are we pretending that Meghan Markle isn’t the kind of person who was looking for all of this attention, because it seems like literally all of her actions in life up until now were about getting that kind of attention for herself,” Trump Jr said.

In the 8-minute response video, in which he said he didn’t actually watch the interview, Trump Jr said he was most shocked that none of the allegations she made have been questioned.

“Obviously racism, a terrible thing, but let’s hear more about it. Was it someone in the periphery? I don’t think it was the Queen? That seems like that’s not the case, but it seems like you’re trying to create a story for more of that attention that you’re pretending that you don’t love,” he said.

He added: “Has she ever met a camera that she probably didn’t love? Are we really pretending that? I actually feel bad for Harry, he’s like a guy in a hostage video. He actually seems like a dude that I want to have a been with. I’m not sure what’s happened to him over the last couple of years.”

Watch the full video below.

Justin Vallejo9 March 2021 00:33


Samantha Markle says half-sister Meghan lied about key details of family relationship in Oprah interview

Samantha Markle responded to her half-sister’s Oprah interview, saying the “truth was totally ignored or omitted”.

In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, Samantha Markle responded to Meghan’s claims she was raised as an only child.

“I don’t know how she can say ‘I don’t know her’ and she was an ‘only child’. We’ve got photographs over a lifespan of us together. So how can she not know me?’ she said, while giving Inside Edition images of the two together over the years, the most recent in 2008.

The Duchess also claimed Samantha changed her surname to Markle after she started dating Harry, in an implication that her claims were to capitalise on the publicity and, thus, couldn’t be trusted.

Samantha showed Inside Edition a petition to change her name that was dated back to December 1997, as well as her college diploma in the name of Samantha M Markle.

“I was a Markle before she was,” she said. “I thought that was kind of weird that she would say I only changed my name back when she met Harry. Markle has always been my name.”

Justin Vallejo9 March 2021 00:08

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