Nina Parker & Justin Sylvester Contrast Capitol Riots & BLM Protests

Washington DC was in chaos on Wednesday January 6th as a mob of presidents Donald TrumpThe supporters raved in the US Capitol.

The country watched rioters clash with police, breaking windows and breaking barricades – which ultimately forced Congress to evacuate parts of the building – and by the end of the day, according to NBC News, four people were dead and a noose had been erected outside and at least one improvised explosive device was found on the premises.

For many, the question arises: why was the police reaction not similar to the protests against Black Lives Matter last year at the Capitol? Protesters in DC and across the US gathered throughout the summer to peacefully protest police brutality and racial injustice. However, according to CNN, they have been regularly exposed to tear gas, violence and arrests.

Why? For E! ‘S Nina Parkerthe answer is clear.

“For me, I’m really tired of seeing two different narratives,” she told the co-hosts Justin New Years Eve and Carissa Culiner on Thursday January 7th Daily pop. “Obviously, Justin, you protested over the summer. You were on the street. And there were so many things we talked about and saw. You know, Justin told us about how he was outside protesting peacefully and how they were I used to meet with maces and people were hit with rubber bullets and then I see people walking into the Capitol. I talked to people who are in DC and they said to me, “Girl, you can’t go a certain way You can’t even pass a barrier to take a picture and there are literally people with guns pointed at you telling you to move. ‘”

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