“Nothing is impossible” for the Saudi Arabian inspiration Farah Jefry

Farah Jefry, adidas ambassador and the first Saudi female athlete to represent the brand in the Middle East, visited her former Jeddah International School to inspire the next generation of youth to see endless possibilities.

In collaboration with adidas, the initiative was complemented by a question and answer session with the students, in which she shared her experiences with “challenging the impossible” and building up her current success in the field of sports.

Adidas recently unveiled the evolution of its longstanding Impossible Is Nothing brand. The brand ethos is about rebellious optimism based on adidas’ goal to transform lives in the power of sport. With that in mind, Jefry delved into her pursuit of her lifelong passion, football, and shared her journey from joining the Jeddah Eagles Club in 2017 to participating in the premier women’s soccer league in Saudi Arabia and as the league’s top scorer.

Speaking to the students, Jefry explained that “The adidas branding“ Impossible Is Nothing ”is a message that really speaks to me and that I want to take into account at every step of my progress as an athlete. It’s a state of mind. Despite all the difficulties, if you are passionate enough, you can do anything you want, if you have the drive and commitment to pursue your goals. “

As an extension of the campaign and to continue to inspire Jeddah International School students to challenge the impossible, adidas has given the school’s fitness facilities an inspirational image and quote from Jefry, stating, “Where some see a way, I see the opportunity to explore new ways. “

Yara Hashem, a graduate of Jeddah International School, asked Farah if she faced any challenges early in her career, to which Jefry replied, “It wasn’t easy to get started, especially because of people who think football is“ a game for men ”.

In addition, there was a lack of special sports facilities and football coaches for women. I trained at home with my father who played a huge role in my education and development. “Jefry added,” Given global brands like adidas’ continued efforts to empower women in the region and the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to create more opportunities for women, more people are supporting and nurturing women in sport. “

For adidas Impossible Is Nothing is a way of seeing the world as it can be, not as it is. It’s an attitude shared by his community and their partners.
Commenting on her future ambitions, Jefry said, “I strive to represent the Saudi national team and help my team win more competitions.”

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