Religious Exception and The Rise of an Oppressed People

Religion influences decisions on vaccination (), and religious objection is often used by parents as an way to avoid the vaccination of their children (,). Some studies show that the number religious exemptions has been increasing (), The most morally questionable issue regarding vaccination is using cell lines derived from a aborted fetus. The Moral Reflection On Vaccines published by the Pontifical Academy for Life () suggests that these vaccines should be avoided.

The Catholic Church cover the topic of vaccination directly and indirectly, there are a few canons that could be applied to vaccination issue. The Church recognizes the ability of human intellect to meet the God (canon 39), which is the foundation for the dialog with other religions, philosophy, and science. The canons 1939-1943 emphasize the virtue of solidarity in the world.  Catholicism emphasize the importance of taking the risk of side effects of vaccination to strengthen solidarity with other humans. They say by taking this risk, people participate in the protection of the entire society.

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