Ricky Martin’s journey from Menudo to the father of a family and Latinx icon

While “Intense Travel” may have to put it mildly, given the fear, confusion, and self-loathing he had to overcome on the road to his truth, his true fans barely blinked, just happy that their heartthrob sounded so happy . He wrote in Me that although he knew he was one of the lucky ones, his coming out experience was “only positive and empowering”.

Then it was again the life of an average, world-famous father who mastered the difficult balance between a new openness to his sexuality and a still vehement protection of the privacy of his family. He focused on raising Matteo and Valentino, fell in love a few times before finding lasting happiness with Yosef (whom he exchanged messages with for six months before meeting in person), and began settling down in his native Puerto Rico for Use LGBTQ + rights.

“If I have the platform social media gave me to talk to 75 million people, it would be terrible not to talk about the things that people need to hear,” he said the end last year.

Martin announced the birth of Renn, his fourth child, while accepting the Human Rights Campaign’s National Visibility Award for years of good work in 2019. “I love you,” he said to Yosef and added: “My beautiful twins Valentino and Matteo, you are here too. I love you with all my heart, you are my strength, you inspire me every day, you motivate me to keep doing what I do and you are great children. “

He continued: “I love you. Lucia, my little girl who is not with us, stayed at Grandma’s home, but she is also the light of my life.”

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