See machine gun Kelly’s new jaw-dropping throat tattoo

Well, you have to see that.

Kelly machine gun went to his Instagram on Tuesday April 20 to show off his latest heartbreaking tattoo. In the mail, the 30-year-old musician contained a recording of the workmanship on his throat with the caption “Bye, Bye Neck”.

The rapper “Till I Die” seems to have a penchant for having his neck taking center stage lately. Back in February, in a Valentine’s Day post dedicated to the girlfriend Megan Fox, he said he is wearing “her blood around his neck” while referring to her as his “bloody Valentine’s Day”.

The holiday-inspired nickname was a play on words dedicated to her appearance in his May 2020 video for the single of the same name.

Now the musician is dedicating the same area of ​​his body to his latest work of art: a straight red line in the middle of his neck.

In the Instagram post, the rapper also includes a video of himself trying to get the tattoo. He says, “If someone has ever liked my neck … it will look different.”

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