Seven-year-old boy charged with rape, a report said

According to one report, a seven-year-old boy was charged with rape in New York.

State Police confirmed the unidentified Brasher Falls. The child was charged with third degree rape on March 23, WWNY reported.

The alleged incident is said to have been reported on Thanksgiving and the child is said to have been quoted and released. The case is reportedly going to the family court.

The boy appears to be charged as a juvenile offender, a New York attorney who works with a group dealing with juvenile defense cases told the station.

“It shouldn’t instinctively happen that a seven-year-old – I don’t think you really notice what you’re doing at seven. I find it absurd to prosecute a seven-year-old for rape, “said Anthony Martone, Queens Defenders, director of the Child Protection Department for Crime.

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He added: “You would have to prove that he actually committed this act physically, which seems almost impossible to me.”

Currently, New York State law allows children ages seven and older to be arrested and prosecuted as juvenile offenders.

A pending bill in Albany would raise the minimum age for indictment as a juvenile offender to 12 years.

The police say the investigation is ongoing.

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