Severe symptoms of MIS-C usually clear up within six months: study

T.The majority of children hospitalized with multisystem inflammatory syndrome – a rare but serious condition associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection – appear to resolve their most severe symptoms within six months. This comes from a small observational study published on Monday (May 24th) The Health of Lancet Children and Adolescents. The survey, which included 46 young people admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London between April and September, found that some of them continued to experience milder problems such as muscle weakness and emotional difficulties even after this six-month period .

“Hopefully these results can signal a cautious optimism that has many of the most serious implications. . . seem to resolve within six months, “GOSH’s study co-author Justin Penner said in a statement. “However, the persistent fatigue, difficulty exercising and psychological effects that we have seen in some children that can interfere with daily life need to be closely monitored and patients should continue to be supported by medical teams with a range of specialties . “

Doctors began describing cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) known as pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome and timed with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS) a few months after the UK pandemic began. is associated. The condition appeared to appear about a month after being infected with the virus and, on rare occasions, caused multiple organ failure. The CDC has so far recorded 3,742 cases and 35 deaths in the US from MIS-C.

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The current study aimed to characterize possible long-term effects of the disease. “I think we all didn’t know what to expect,” says Penner The New York Times. “We didn’t know which body systems would need support or become a problem a month, three months or six months later.”

The researchers found that six months after leaving the hospital, only one of the 46 children still had systemic inflammation. Gastrointestinal and heart problems had resolved in almost all children by the time of follow-up, the study reported, although some children showed muscle fatigue and anxiety.

Bernhard Wiedermann, an infectious disease specialist at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC who was not involved in the work, says CNN Although the study sample size was small, the results are reassuring. “I am encouraged that there is this hard data showing that severe damage to the organ system does not appear to be noticeable,” says Wiedermann, adding that the results are in line with the research that he and his colleagues are doing on the disease .

Since the study did not include a control group, it is not clear whether some of the milder problems identified at the six-month follow-up were due to MIS-C, notes GOSH study co-author Karyn Moshal. “The amount of fatigue and muscle weakness that we noticed. . . are worrying and require close monitoring, but it is difficult to determine whether this finding is caused directly by PIMS-TS or whether it is due to the disruption of children’s lives that caused the larger Covid-19 pandemic ” she says in the statement. “So it is critical that we continue to monitor these conditions as social distancing relaxes and children return to school and develop more active routines.”

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The team continues to track children’s health in the study to look for issues that may arise later, as it sometimes does after other critical illnesses, the researchers note in their paper. “We don’t know what the longer-term results will be,” says Penner Times. For now, it has given us the opportunity to at least pass what we have seen so far on to parents to alleviate some of their fears about this black box of unknowns regarding this new condition.

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