Shooting at Balls of Light Things is Changing on Earth


What is life? What is the difference between an animate and inanimate object? We can make inanimate objects such as robots that appear to do animate tasks but are obviously inanimate. What is the difference? A robot operates using electric and magnetic fields. Scientists have become very good at controlling these forces. The Ball-of-Light Particle Model predicts that there are three fundamental forces: electric, magnetic, and gravitational. Is the only difference, between say a robot and a human, is the control over the third force gravity? In humans, the electromagnetic waves in the brain move, and it is impossible for them to move without the gravitational field coming into play. In a computer chip, we do not let the flow of information continue on its own so to say. We constantly turn the flow on and off. If a complex computer chip was created that was based on the “flow” of energy rather than the “state” of energy, and the correct electromagnetic and gravitational waves were induced in the chip in such a way as to be harmonic, would the chip become alive?                                                                                                                                                                 


Mitosis is the usual method of cell division. There is no doubt the cell is alive before division. There is no doubt the cells are alive after division. How is life passed along? The cells contain DNA. DNA has a complex structure. Electromagnetic fields — and thus gravitational fields — flow through this structure. When the double helix splits, the harmonic pattern on one half of the helix is duplicated in the other half. The fields in both halves are so harmonic they automatically attract new inanimate material to the animate half of the helix and the fields of the animate half induce new animate fields in the new material. Life could be nothing more than a perfectly harmonic wave pattern.

What is the goal of life?

The Ball-of-Light Particle Model predicts that goal of life is to become harmonic and replicate the harmonic pattern. If the universe does not become harmonic it will continue to decay. Life will fizzle out. If the universe is to survive it must become harmonic. We are an extremely small portion of the universe. If there is life on other worlds in the universe, what does their religions teach? Does the physics inherently imbedded in the universe force all life to eventually come to the same conclusions. If other worlds have come to this conclusion and have developed methods to communicate this to the universe how might they pass on this message? If this is really the case life all over the universe must simultaneously become harmonic to save the universe and prevent decay. We must do this locally of course, but I can image other worlds desperately trying to get this message out. Are explosions such as novas, supernovas, or planetary nebula, other worlds succeeding — or failing — to head this message?

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