SNL’s Alex Moffat will play Joe Biden from Jim Carrey

This is a peaceful change of power.

hours later Jim Carrey announced that he would be stepping down from his guest role as Joe Biden on SNL, Actor Alex Moffat made his debut as the newest star to play President-Elect on the NBC series.

Subsequently, on Saturday, Moffat portrayed the Democratic leader in the Cold Open sketch Maya Rudolph, who repeated her guest role as elected Vice President Kamala Harris and performers Beck Bennettplay again Mike Pence. In the sketch, the couple interrupts the vice president after receiving a coronavirus vaccine.

Moffat entered as Biden by first walking into the room with a stick, then rolling it in a somersault and paying homage to Willy Wonka Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

“They look a bit different,” says Beckett, to which Moffat replies. “Yes. Like Colonel Sanders, I’m a different guy every time you see me.”

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