The best outdoor sports to try in the UAE this winter

Due to travel restrictions, many of us have been detained for the past 12 months, but luckily there are plenty of great places in the UAE to stay active and go outside to enjoy the winter weather.

With the help of Nissan, we’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor sports activities in the UAE. Where to find them, you can try before summer.


If you’re looking for a full body workout, hit the water for a wakeboard session. Not only is it a great way to have a morning, but you’ll also work out all kinds of muscle groups if you deal with it. A strong core, good grip, and good balance are required for wakeboarding. In addition, it is suitable for all ages and classes are as relaxed or action packed as you want, all under the supervision of qualified instructors. Or you can do it on your own if you are confident enough. If wakeboarding isn’t your thing, try water skating or wake surfing instead.

How to get there: A road trip to Abu Dhabi is the perfect way to see what the Nissan X-Terra is all about. Wake Evolution offers professional tuition at Eastern Mangroves Marina, Dhafeer St – Abu Dhabi.

Rock climbing

The United Arab Emirates are blessed with some incredible climbing areas. With winter weather providing the perfect temperature to get outside, now is the time to give your body the ultimate workout and climb some boulders. It is advisable to hone your skills in a controlled environment under the supervision of instructors before tackling natural boulders. Rock climbing is also a great way to develop your social skills as the community in the area is very supportive and welcoming to new members.

How to get there: The Dorell Climbing Center is Dubai’s tallest climbing wall and a great place to get a grip on climbing. You can find it in DIFC. The cube area in Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect place to climb some natural boulders. You also have the opportunity to try out the various driving modes of the X-Terra while on the move.


One of the great things about parkour is that you can do it pretty much anywhere, and Dubai has some of the best outdoor spaces to practice your skills in. If you are new to it you will quickly find that there is a large community of parkour fanatics who arrange regular get-togethers. ParkourDXB is a great interior design with various obstacles and equipment of varying heights and difficulty levels so you can learn the ropes before going outside.

How to get there: If you are a beginner it is best to take some classes before jumping on / over / off things. ParkourDXB is running classes for just AED 20 on a Wednesday that literally lets you get into it. You can find the team in the Just Play Sports Complex, Street 15 A, Al Quoz


Okay, it’s questionable whether hiking is recognized as a sport or not – some say yes, others say no – either way, it’s definitely worth it in the UAE winter months. In addition to some of the best mountain trails in the world, the UAE is a great way to burn calories with the sun on your back.

How to get there: At a whopping 1,300 meters, Jebel Jais is the highest mountain in the UAE. Not only is the view worthwhile after the 4 km long hike, the road trip from Dubai through mountainous terrain is an unforgettable sight. The two-hour drive from Dubai flies by thanks to the first-class comfort of the interior of the Nissan X-Terra.

Sand boarding

There aren’t many better places in the world to try this extreme sport than the UAE. Sharjah’s Fossil Rock is a great way to experience the thrill of sandboarding thanks to its endless peaks of soft red sand that give you miles of deserts to explore. If you are new to sandboarding, there are numerous ways to get involved. Desert safari escapes, including the help of an instructor, are a great place to start. For those who take it seriously, it is worth investing in your own board so that you can surf the dunes as you wish.

How to get there: Sharjah’s Fossil Rock is just an hour’s drive from Dubai and the various terrains you tackle along the way give you the opportunity to see the full capabilities of the Nissan X-Terra.

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